LMU President Snyder Cancels Summer Institute on Catholic Identity

Since the time of Father Thomas P. O’Malley, S.J., the President of LMU has sponsored a week-long summer seminar for faculty to help them gain a deeper understanding of the Catholic character of LMU. This annual event, sponsored since 1996, once provided a collegial setting in which to explore an aspect of LMU’s ethos as a Catholic, Jesuit-Marymount university.  It was one of the few institutionally provided opportunities for LMU faculty to better understand and explore the distinctive Catholic mission and identity of the university. 

President Snyder has canceled this program for 2017.  With fewer and fewer Catholic professors, and more and more signs of loss of Catholic identity, LMU needs programs like the Summer Institute now more than ever. Under President Snyder, LMU’s Catholic identity is moving from the magis to the minus.



One thought on “LMU President Snyder Cancels Summer Institute on Catholic Identity

  1. Is anyone surprised? LMU stopped being Catholic a long time ago. This president is no different than the president of any Cal State, he may be more secular than any of them. Don’t look to LMU for Catholic thought, teaching, ethics or anything but humanist secularism. Look up Thomas Aquinas U. Or John Paul the Great U. If you want real Catholic thought and teaching. Sadly, the Jebbies really collapsed as vanguards of the Church about 60 years ago.

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