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The RenewLMU Organizing Committee:

Barbara Berg, ’93
Larry Carstens, ’89
Jeff Lampe, ’93
Charles F. Luke, ’53
Anne (Rezzo) Rosen, ’85
German Scipioni, ’94
Lisa A. Williams, JD, ’86
Philip Zampiello, ’93, Chair

We hope you will join us! If you are interested in receiving updates, please register below. If you are passionate about strengthening LMU’s Catholic mission and identity and would like to help, we want to hear from you! Email us at and tell us how you would like to be involved! Register below for updates on our efforts and progress.

18 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Thank you for your efforts, I hope others across the country will do the same at their schools where this is also a problem. I actually called, to talk to various departments (admissions, campus ministry) at LMU about the Prop. 8 Play. I think parents and others need to do that. People less grounded in their faith see something like this, or the monologues and think…. if its at a Catholic Institution it must be OK. I’ve been praying for LMU and schools like it, we must return to teaching the Faith in our schools. May God bless you efforts.

  2. I saw the play, ‘8’ and afterwards the discussion with the faculty & staff. The play itself for the first half was really good and was actually making the argument for marraige between a man and a woman only. And then, about half way through the play, the quality of the play dropped. I believe the writer, since he could not make a logical argument for gay marriage, denigrated to name-calling and smearing those who defended marriage. It lost focus of the truth and reverted to victim politics at the end, and using the Left’s ‘ad hominum’ attacks to fill-in for its lack of logic. Very disappointing, as it started out making the case for marriage between a man and a woman only. The LMU faculty was completely dishonest in their presentation afterward. Very disconnected from truth and the natural law. The priests they put up there to defend the Catholic position were worthless. Not one articulated logic or the consequences of homosexual behavior, the love of the Church for all people and the deep concern for those engaged in such an unhealthy lifestyle. I would have expected more from our faculty…very illogical and emotional with no real facts to support their position. I was actually particularly embarassed by our Theology Department head and his feeble reasoning. So, I agree, something has to be done. The Jesuits are not standing and delivering the Faith on any level. I believe in truthful academic freedom where the best from both sides are presented. That did not happen. If it did, the Church would win everytime. Souls would be saved.

  3. Please let me know what I can do; lend my name, spread the word, etc. I am a philosophy major alumni (B.A.), long since graduated and many of these moral and ethical issues were well settled at the time on The Bluff, based on the stated Mission of the University, the guidance of the Church and the doctrine of Jesus Christ. Just goes to show how much can incrementally get out of control when a good university succumbs to such rampant secular humanism and moral decay around it, particularly in a dicey area like Los Angeles, so near the leviathans of worldliness like corrupt, libertine Hollywood for example. No wonder they have sold out to allow this window to abortion on a campus dedicated Ad Majoreum Dei Glorium. But we, of LMU, were called to be different. We were called to walk to the beat of a different drummer. Even if in the minority. We were called to be Children of Light, not to go down this path at LMU which I read years later which truly shock me. Let’s reseize territory and take our great school BACK!!

  4. I am very disappointed in hearing about the path that LMU has taken with regards to compromising it’s Catholic identity over the years. Very disappointed. I am a 1974 graduate.

    At the same time, I am ecstatic about our new Jesuit Pope Francis; hopefully part of his mission to reform and refocus the Church will include his own order and weed out the elements that poison the foundation of the Church’s moral teaching and severely reprimand Church leaders, teachers, administrators and influencers who have adopted a new moral compass. The University seems to be taking the correct path with regards to revoking abortion privileges and one can only hope and pray that this is start of a new direction for the University. Vivat Jesus.

  5. As a recent graduate of the Theology Department I can attest that the school and department is a hostile environment to anyone authentically Catholic. Having read your RenewLMU Goals brought tears to my eyes for they seemed an answer to my prayers. I personally suffered from mistreatment in the classroom because my views were and are in line with Catholic teaching when what is presented as curriculum is not. Your cause is a necessary one and has my support.

  6. Unbelievable! Who was responsible for hiring a dean who is not committed to the Mission statement?
    We are parents of two alumni,and presently have two students there who are grandchildren.
    If those two students leave next year and finish somewhere else, we should not be sad.
    What a total disappointment. What a waste of the parents’ money and students’ time.

    Please do whatever you can to bring the LMU campus back to its’ Roman Catholic roots.

    Or else,remove the name Catholic from its’ identity. That it calls itself Catholic and still recruits ex-planned Parenthood workers, is a travesty.

  7. I hope LMU will return to a Catholic identity. Sue Dunlap, President of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, should not have been invited to speak at a TEDxLoyolaMarymountU conference on May 17, 2014.

  8. The restoration of the Faith is in the hands of the people. RenewLMU is a great starting point to challenge the secularization of the School. We need to recruit faithful alums and friends of the University. They are taking notice.

  9. Mr. Zuercher , Chairman of the Search Committee, is a Planned Parenthood supporter (according to the Cardinal Newman Society). He should resign from his chairmanship as well as from the Board of Trustees.

  10. Hello from Ireland.

    I graduated from Mungret SJ in 1962 and still value my Jesuit education. However, I get increasingly depressed when I read that American Catholic educational institutions, particularly Jesuit ones, are leading the “race to the bottom” i.e. cowtowing to the liberal, secular, relativistic agenda.

    I pray for your courageous efforts and success in getting a president who will restore and renew the fundimental tenets of ourCatholic Church.

  11. —————————————————–
    February 17 Mayor Riordan & His Memoir
    After reading the following note to the LMU Alumni Association:

    LMU Alumni:

    Richard Riordan has been an abortion supporter for years! What’s he doing on the LMU campus?

    Prayers for our pre-born American citizens,

    Golden Lion Charles N. Marrelli
    Writers for Life
    Irvine, CA 92618

  12. Good evening, friends of LMU

    As you know, Bill Clinton is to be the 2016 Commencement Speaker–this Saturday,May 7. The graduation program begins about 9 am., incoming traffic will be earlier.

    Who would like to join in a prayerful, peaceful, and persistent vigil at the corner of Lincoln and LMU Drive? (Somebody say Amen!)

    Contact me at

    Jim Hanink

    Our new ASLMU government is seeking to bring contraceptives to campus next year. If this happens then how can we claim we are a Catholic university? Who can I reach out to, and how can we make this more known?

  14. Your will be in my prayers specifically during the “Pray for Dobbs” moments ahead of us. I will also mention “Renew LMU” in our family dinner tomorrow night as “what are we most grateful for this Thanksgiving.” Courage and sacrifice are uncommon virtues today. Bless you all.

  15. I am aghast at the departure ‘my university’ has taken from its Catholic & Jesuit teachings and heritage. 3 generations of my family matriculated from Loyola and Loyola Marymount, spanning > 85 years. One of my cousins was on the board of Regents for decades. No one from my large, extended family intend to ever have their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, attend Loyola as long as the university stays on its present course.

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