Transgender Activists Prompt LMU President Snyder to Change Restrooms on Campus

In response to events on campus, LMU President Timothy Law Snyder ordered, “Facilities Management to create additional all-gender restrooms.”  As the Loyolan reported, “The Student Housing Office replaced the traditional signs that depict a man and woman on eight different individual-use bathrooms at the beginning of August in the Leavey apartments, McKay Hall, Tenderich apartments and the Doheny, Desmond, Rosecrans and Whelan freshmen residence halls.”  In the words of one student, “This is big, not just for [LGBTQ+] students, but for all LMU students. If one group feels more included — if they feel they are more a part of the LMU community — that will strengthen LMU as a whole.”

One group who feels more excluded as a result of President Synder’s action are the LMU students, faculty, donors, and alumni who agree with Pope Francis who has repeatedly urged that people accept the goodness of their bodies as created male or female.  Rather than following the lead of Pope Francis and urging students to “accept the body God gave them,” President Snyder has decided to institutionally support what the Pontiff calls “gender ideology.” For now, however, it remains the case that “The University is institutionally committed to Roman Catholicism” when it comes to appealing to parents of prospective students, asking alumni for donations, and promoting LMU in PR campaigns.

7 thoughts on “Transgender Activists Prompt LMU President Snyder to Change Restrooms on Campus

  1. One ongoing feature of LMU administrators is the refusal to do their homework. One doubts that any of them have read Dr. Paul McHugh’s scholarly work on transgenderism. For an overview, see

    Another ongoing feature of LMU’s devolution is the refusal of Jesuit leaders to challenge the administration’s intellectual collapse.

    Papal cherry picking makes for poor policy.

    • I remember you from my days at LMU. Weren’t you one of the philosophy or theology professors? I attended back in the eighties when LMU had not completely abdicated the throne of Catholicism…It’s really sad but what can be done? Can church leaders step in and give them an ultimatum.. Either get back to being a Catholic Institution or call yourself by another name? Not sure but it is heartbreaking to watch LMU self destruct.

      • Thanks, Joy, for your comments. Yes, I was a philosophy prof. I like to say that I haven’t retired but rather I’ve redirected.

        Yes, church leaders can step in and require real change. (Heck, a Sicilian bishop just recently put his foot down and insisted that Mafia leaders can’t be godparents.)

        On LMU’s self-destruction. Yes, it’s sad. But it’s a sin to be too sad. Why not take a good look at what’s going on at Thomas Aquinas College and the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology?

  2. Waiting for the Church to take action for academic Catholic universities who are choosing their own cafeteria plan on what makes people feel good (and God forbid avoid conflict) versus upholding doctrine. If you’re not going to support Catholic teaching,then become a public academic institution.

  3. Seems Loyola, the college I attended in the late eighties has lost its Catholic identity. They should disassociate themselves with the Catholic Church as they are not even worthy of carrying the name of St. Ignatius of Loyola, nor of Mary, our Blessed Mother. What a disgrace and an embarassment that I can’t even advise my family and friends to go there….

  4. Another “sign” that reinforces my choice to reallocate my donations away from LMU and to University of Dallas, a Catholic University.

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