Renew Goals

LMU’s Catholic identity may be strengthened in a number of ways. These include:

1. A strengthening of LMU’s mission statement to further elaborate on LMU’s “institutional commitment to Roman Catholicism.”

2. Development of policies which encourage lifestyles consistent with Catholic teaching, such as single sex student residences.

3. Increasing the number of Catholic faculty from 24% to at least 50%.

4. Increasing enrollment of Catholic students from 50% to at  least 75%.

5. A commitment by theology professors to instruction which is faithful to the magisterium of the Church. This should include a requirement that professors who teach the theological disciplines obtain from the Archbishop of Los Angeles the mandatum as required by Ex Corde Ecclesiae and disclose this fact to students and their families.

6. Fostering of student organizations which promote adherence to Catholic moral teaching.

7. A strict policy and practice of not providing a platform for, or recognition of, those who promote the destruction of the unborn.

8. Selection of Board of Trustees, students, staff and especially faculty who seek to promote and support efforts to strengthen LMU’s Catholic identity and mission.

9. Making LMU a ‘safe place’ for Catholics who accept Catholic teaching.

10. A Bioethics Institute comprised of persons who fully understand and are committed to the Church’s teaching on the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.

3 thoughts on “Renew Goals

  1. Our family toured LMU today to see if this school would be a good fit for our high school son. The tour was about 90 minutes and I got a funny feeling about the school on the tour. When the tour stopped in front of the chapel, the tour guide used the work “Jesuit” but almost could not use the word “Catholic”. And when explaining religious requirements the guide was adamant of no requirements to attend Mass exist. It was emphasized loud and clear. Additionally, when talking about classes to take, it was suggested to take Buddhism or world religions. We have toured a number of Catholic colleges and universities and I got the distinct impression the guide was embarrassed. He used the word “religious” several times, and during the tour he stated every Sunday night he leads meditation in his room. I was taken aback on that one. I have spent several hours now researching LMU and am floored with what I have read. Thank you God for this website. I join you and will pray for this school. May God our Father bring a good and holy person to be this school’s president and bring Catholic identity back, because in my opinion, it is not there. Our son loved the school. Needless to say it will be interesting. Why was an atheist chosen to be dean of the liberal arts college? I am astounded with that decision and many others.

  2. On the top of your concerns this LMU approved a fundraiser to benefit the parenthood abortion. I would never send one son or daughter there. Be aware of how much the evil can do in our society.

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