LMU Campus Ministry Establishes Student Pro-Life “Programming”

RenewLMU has previously noted on our website and in our direct communications with the university’s administration that LMU lacks a student pro-life organization, while secular institutions like USC and Stanford have robust student pro-life groups. We are delighted to report that the LMU Office of Campus Ministry is now promoting on its website “Seamless Garment: Pro-Life Programming.” Activities associated with this programming include student participation in the OneLife LA Walk on Saturday, January 17, 2015 in Los Angeles and attendance at the Requiem Mass for the Unborn at Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral on Saturday, January 24, 2015.

We commend LMU Campus Ministry for its initiative in establishing programming that advocates for protection of the unborn as part of the Church’s teaching on social justice.

3 thoughts on “LMU Campus Ministry Establishes Student Pro-Life “Programming”

  1. The “seamless garment” ruse has been around for many years. It seeks to make a moral equivalence of a great number of unrelated issues. For example, gun control might have the moral equivalence of abortion. The “seamless garment” argument is specious.

  2. As a Golden Lion I’m happy to see LMU finally wake up! They should have been leading a prolife charge from the beginning! I wrote LMU twice asking about their prolife activities and was ignored! As a long time prolife activist writer (Writers for Life at prolifedigest.com) my best advice is that LMU drop the Seamless Garment metaphor; Cardinal Bernardin had good intentions when he wrote it but unfortunately it gives liberal “Catholics” a way to minimize the Life issue! Joe Sobran said it best, “Cardinal Bernardin endeared himself to liberals, especially liberal Catholic politicians, by adopting the metaphor of life as a “seamless garment and be consistent, you have to defend life on every front. This turned “life” into a checklist, in which abortion was only one of many while more than a million abortions were being performed in America every year. The Seamless Garment turned out to be nothing but a loophole for hypocritical “Catholic” politicians. It actually made it easier for them than for non-Catholics to give their support to legal abortion—that is, it allowed them to be inconsistent and unprincipled about the very issues that Cardinal Bernardin said demanded consistency, and principle.” Writers for Life.

  3. We should all be glad that pro-life interests are showing signs of life at LMU! We must be realistic in our joy. After all, it took a couple of clicks to reach the pro-life section at the Campus Ministry Site. Other services were highlighted with pictures on the front page. Still, as a start, we should be thankful. With enough support, maybe PRO-LIFE can get on the front page!
    The follow up comments are right! Catholics in power have ACTUALLY used the seamless garment argument as cover to allow and PROMOTE abortion!
    So we should encourage and support the pro-life movement more than the seamless garment argument.

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