LMU Political Science Dept. Promotes Student Internship Program with Pro-Abortion Organization

The LMU Political Science Department is promoting a student internship opportunity with the non-profit organization Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF), a pro-abortion organization. The internship opportunity is posted on the Political Science Department website. Led by long-time abortion advocate Eleanor Smeal, the FMF, on its own website states, “Abortion is a necessity for millions of women worldwide, for their health, for their well-being, for their dreams of a better tomorrow.”

According to the internship posting, student interns working in the Los Angeles office of FMF will have the opportunity to work on the National Clinic Access Project, “the nation’s largest and oldest clinic defense team.” There LMU students can “research and collect data on anti-abortion violence directed at health care workers and patients; monitor anti-abortion websites and literature.”

No student internship opportunities with non-profit organizations dedicated to the protection of the unborn child could be found on the LMU Political Science Department website.

The Political Science Department Chair, John Parrish, is serving on LMU’s Presidential Search Committee at the request of Kathleen Aikenhead, Chair of the LMU Board of Trustees, to assist in the selection of LMU’s next President.

The link to LMU’s student internship posting can be found at: http://bellarmine.lmu.edu/politicalscience/studentopportunities/internshipopportunities/governmentpolitical/feministmajorityfoundation/

5 thoughts on “LMU Political Science Dept. Promotes Student Internship Program with Pro-Abortion Organization

  1. David, this covers “the phenomenon” clearly and, well, instructively. Thanks! Would you like to pass it on to the Cardinal Newman Society? Jim ________________________________

  2. This really bothers me. LMU is supposedly Catholic. I don’t see that it is living up to that. Why should we think about sending our children there?

  3. I would seriously like to know whether this formerly Catholic University,was ever under the archdiocese of Los Angeles?
    Who is the President and the Board of Directors responsible to in terms of allowing their students being taught anti-Catholic theology ? and being taught by atheistic professors?
    Who is accountable to the parents who are footing the bill for their family’s being indoctrinated with this heretical teaching???
    Is it due to ,maybe ,to the fact that LMU accepted Federal funds to keep the University open????
    Is there an active Catholic business men’s alumni? If not,why not?

    There are options to take to remove the title or name of the University,if steps are NOT taken to turn things around.

  4. How sad that abortionists feel comfortable to recruit at a Jesuit University!
    Come to think of it. It must be the easiest credit a student can get. Pro-Life groups are already monitored by the mainstream media, cable & internet media, and the government. The work’s already done. The student can just “rereport” it and get the credit. Or maybe the student can sit in on a “procedure” and learn about the real violence. Then the student can meet with the women who have been victimized by the “procedure” abortionists defend and promote. Then the student will have something to report to the Political Science Chair.
    And the loss of innocent lives continues
    . . . . for money, for acceptance, and now college credit.

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