Dr. Robbin Crabtree

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Robbin Crabtree is Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at Fairfield University.

A Curriculum Vitae for Dr. Crabtree, dated 2007, is linked here; begins on page 43. 

Note this is not the CV submitted to LMU with her application, however it does provide a view into Dr. Crabtree’s scholarship, affiliations, academic interests, and experience with advancing Catholic identity in a university setting.

Work for Planned Parenthood

According to her 2007 résumé, Dr. Crabtree also performed work for Planned Parenthood in Indiana. This particular item of her ‘Relevant Community Service’ was not included in the 2013 résumé Dr. Crabtree submitted to LMU with her application:

“Advisory Board & Media Relations Committee, Planned Parenthood of Putnam County, IN, 1991-93”

“Not Catholic” and No Catholic education whatsoever

Professor Crabtree acknowledged in an October 29, 2004 article in the National Catholic Reporter that she has had no Catholic education whatsoever.  How can a candidate lacking any Catholic education bring a Catholic perspective to the position of Dean?

Globalization in the classroom: tensions over raising ethical questions in a complex subject, Renee LaReau, National Catholic Reporter, October 29, 2004.

Our Questions About Advancing Catholic Identity

Each of the candidates has been requested by RenewLMU to answer a few questions about their understanding and acceptance of foundational Church teaching and intentions to meet the goals of Ex corde Ecclesiae. This candidate’s answers appear here:

 [none received to date]

We believe LMU should hire a dean for the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts who brings a Catholic perspective and is supportive of the Catholic Church’s moral teaching.

Sign the letter to President Burcham and tell him that LMU needs a Dean who has a solid record of support for the mission and identity of a Catholic university.


2 thoughts on “Dr. Robbin Crabtree

  1. Why is one who holds beliefs contrary to the beliefs of the Catholic Church being considered for employment as an instructor at a Catholic university? Yes, the non-Catholic enrollment is growing, but apparently because the university is more concerned with GPA rather than religious beliefs. Should a Catholic university be more concerned with raising the university’s GPA at the expense of rejecting Catholic student applicants. I suggest not!

    • A candidate to be employed at a Catholic university who is not a Catholic and has not even had a Catholic education should not be hired period. You are letting non believers into a holy Catholic institution knowingly. YOU WHO HIRES SUCH CANDIDATES SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM CHOOSING PERSONNEL FOR THE UNIVERSITY.

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