Protest of President Snyder

We are grateful to the folks who braved the early morning weather to join us in protesting the failures of President Snyder in terms of Catholic identity. The Board of Trustees is getting the message that there is a serious problem of mission and identity at LMU. To all who joined us, thank you, thank you, thank you!

2 thoughts on “Protest of President Snyder

  1. God bless everyone. Although I could not be there I offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass this morning on this feast of Saint Nicholas and I offered a Holy Hour of Adoration. The entire LMU community and renewLMU are in my heart and prayers. Always forward… for the greater Glory of God !!!!! Let us pray for Pres Snyder and all the other souls that are so deceived and believing the enemy’s lies. All for the salvation of souls. Our Lord and Savior is with us all. Godspeed.

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