Responses to President Snyder’s Approval of the Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

Responses to President Snyder’s decision to approve the continuation of the Planned Parenthood Fundraiser continue to be published nationally and internationally. The Catholic Business Journal headline reads, “Courage students want the True Faith at Loyola Marymount: Students Restart Pro-life Group after Planned Parenthood fundraiser.” 

The Catholic News Agency reports:

When Loyola Marymount University student Megan Glaudini heard that her university was not stopping an on-campus fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, she felt “convicted” that she needed to do something. “Upon hearing about the Planned Parenthood fundraiser on campus, originally, I was just completely disgusted and embarrassed, and disappointed that the university would allow this to happen,” she told CNA in a phone call Nov. 6. “I took a while to kind of discern what I really wanted to do, what kind of action would even make a difference, and I really felt convicted and like I needed to do something,” she said. That “something” turned out to be resurrecting the long time, inactive pro life group, and planning a rosary rally before the Planned Parenthood fundraiser.

Vita, a student run pro-life organization, rose from the dead after years of inactivity. We wish them well. 

An essay about LMU entitled, “Catholic Colleges That are Not Catholic” gets a lot right, but gets something very wrong. LMU does want to be Catholic when it comes to talking to Catholic donors and parents. In fundraising and recruiting students, LMU embraces its Catholic identity. As a recent Covid inspired advertisement put it, “This past year, the LMU community has demonstrated how creativity and compassion—values central to our Catholic, Jesuit, and Marymount identity—have been our North Star.”  On the other hand, in terms of student life, hiring faculty and administrators, and campus climate, LMU operates as any other secular school. So, a more accurate title of this essay about LMU would be “Catholic Colleges That Are Catholic When Convenient.”

COURAGEOUS STUDENTS WANT the True Faith at Loyola Marymount: Students Restart Pro-life Group after Planned Parenthood fundraiser

One thought on “Responses to President Snyder’s Approval of the Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

  1. I recall a conversation I had during my first year at Loyola University, the year before the merger bringing LMU into existence was completed; the same year, I believe, that the student health clinic began writing prescriptions for birth control devices. Following speech class, I walked back to Xavier with Fr. St Clair and asked him about the consequences of the University accepting development money from the government. I wondered if a consequence of such acceptance might be that the building the government funds were used to support someday might not be able to schedule religious studies classes. Fr. St Clair replied he could imagine that occurring. Had the conversation continued – Fr. St. Clair excused himself at the door – I would have asked if he could imagine any other consequences of taking public money, because I specifically wanted to know if the day might arrive when the Catholic position on abortion would be disregarded on campus. The Planned Parenthood fundraiser has been almost 50 years coming, longer than I thought it would take, and who knows what else has been going on during the interim. This is on the heads of those who so long ago advocated the reckless growth of the University.

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