The Twilight of the Jesuits at LMU


Unfortunately, recent years have brought the deaths of many LMU Jesuits, such as Fr. Thomas Maloney in Political Science, Fr. Herbert Ryan in Theological Studies, and Fr. Ernesto Sweeney in History.  Other Jesuits have left LMU taking up missions in other educational endeavors, such as Fr. Thomas Sherman in Philosophy, Fr. Dorian Llywelyn in Theological Studies, and Fr. Michael Caruso in the School of Education. Still other Jesuits are quickly approaching their 80th year, such as Fr. Thomas Rausch of Theological Studies and Fr. Bill Fulco of Classics.  Other professors have left the Society of Jesus, but remain on the faculty.   For a variety of reasons, fewer Jesuits are coming to LMU and fewer are remaining.
We hope that the Jesuit order sends many men to LMU so as to reinforce the Jesuit community, the heart of LMU’s mission and identity.  We fear, as personnel continue to be diminished, that Jesuits fit for ministry as professors will increasingly be sent to Santa Clara University and elsewhere. In 2016, let us pray for a fresh harvest of Jesuits devoted to serving the greater glory of God at Loyola Marymount University.

One thought on “The Twilight of the Jesuits at LMU

  1. Yes, let us pray, and pray often, for new Jesuit vocations for LMU.

    Perhaps our prayer will lead to action on “a modest proposal.” In the past Loyola University and Marymount University came together to form LMU as we know it today. Doing so built on, and furthered, the close collaboration of two of the Church’s teaching religious orders.

    And now? The Western Province Dominicans have had great success in forming scholars, especially in theology and philosophy and, notably, the fine arts. (Google the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology.) Why not encourage some of these young scholars, men and women, to teach at LMU? Why not encourage some of LMU’s “best and brightest” to spend some reflective time at the DSPT?

    What think ye merry gentlepeople?

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