Director of Bioethics Institute at LMU Defends Use of Undercover Videos to Expose Planned Parenthood

Roberto Dell’Oro, the Director of the Bioethics Institute at Loyola Marymount University, was recently quoted in the Orange County Catholic defending the use of undercover videos by the Center for Medical Progress in exposing Planned Parenthood’s grotesque trafficking in human body parts.

From the OC Catholic on August 10, 2015:

Dell‘Oro said that while it is always best to be above board in seeking the truth, there are instances when “a conscientious objection to morally unacceptable practices” can be justified.

“Throughout history, we have numerous examples of those who have lied or broken the law because they conscientiously objected to, and sought to expose, a deeper moral evil,” he said, citing those who hid Jews from the Nazis during World War II. “And I don’t see why this shouldn’t be the case here.”

In a related article in Catholic News Service dated July 31, 2015, Dell’Oro suggested Catholics acquaint themselves with “Donum Vitae” (“The Gift of Life”) and “Dignitas Personae” (“The Dignity of a Person”) issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Dell’Oro was selected as Director of the Bioethics Institute in 2013 after the university first considered two abortion advocates for the position. RenewLMU launched a petition drive that forced the university to drop the existing candidates. Shortly, thereafter, LMU hired Dell’Oro, a professor in LMU’s Theological Studies department. RenewLMU commends Dr. Dell’Oro for his vocal stance in defense of human life.

3 thoughts on “Director of Bioethics Institute at LMU Defends Use of Undercover Videos to Expose Planned Parenthood

  1. Thank you, Dr. Dell’Oro, for standing up for innocent human life! My greatest heartache is the deadly silence from Catholics (and Catholic institutions) on abortion. This weakness has been fully exploited by pro abortionists. The courage of Drs. Dell’Oro & Hanink are examples of Catholic & Jesuit philosophic tradition and theological thought at their best!
    In all truth, the recent appointees of LMU who have a history of empowering
    Planned Parenthood (if not endorsing Planned Parenthood), must be troubled by the undercover investigation’s revelation of Planned Parenthood’s cruelty & financial gain at the termination of little babies who’s body parts are removed in a barbaric manner to gain the highest price. I ask that they pray for the courage to stand up for innocent human life! Join us in recognizing God’s Love instead of Man’s! What was Ghandi’s quote stated by Ms. Dunlop of Planned Parenthood? “A society is measured by the way it treats its weakest members.”
    Join us! We need your help!

  2. Well done, Prof. Dell’Oro.

    I hope that you have shared your position with The Loyolan…and, of course, Dean Crabtree and the Board of Trustees.

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