Introducing RenewLMU

We are students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, and supporters of LMU.  Our Catholic faith is important to us.  We formed this group to protect, foster, and preserve the Catholic identity of LMU.

2 thoughts on “Introducing RenewLMU

  1. Good for you! I am a graduate of the U. of San Francisco and have been thoroughly embarrassed at what it (and virtually all the other Jesuit Universities) has allowed on its campus that is totally against what St. Ignatius would have approved of. Thank you for starting a movement to get Jesuit Us back to being truly Catholic.

    • Ditto!! I graduated from Santa Clara University in the 80’s and have a son who graduated from LMU in 2012. I was shocked to see how far so many of the Jesuit schools have strayed from the teachings of the Church. Let’s pray that RENEW LMU will start a new trend among all of them!

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